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Hi there!
Aimee Allyce.
24, Australian, gym goer, eating clean and loving life!


Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my fitblr! I’m just a girl who’s keen on fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I’m not looking to lose weight but I do want to build some serious muscle and get strong! Feel free to follow my journey. :) x

Current Stats.

Weight: 56kg
Height: 163cm

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My Goals.

1. Learn to skate backwards.
2. Complete the "Color Run".
3. Do a chin up without assistance.
4. Learn the ice hockey stop.
5. Find fulltime work.

It was my birthday on Saturday! I’m 24! Thats almost 25! Thats almost half way to 50! Oh my gosh!

Anyway, I had a fantastic day! I got a bunch of new cooking stuff (books, chopping board, knives etc) as well as some gardening supplies because I want to start growing my own, fresh, organic veggies and herbs! My partner and I went to my parents place for lunch and then he took me out to dinner to this amazing Japanese restaurant, it was beautiful and the food was to die for!

On top of all that, I GOT A JOB!! Yes! I start on Monday morning and it’s working within the planning department of one of the local councils here in WA. I’m very happy because now we can finally start working towards building another house! Huzzah!

I’ve decided to switch gyms due to the new job also. I absolutely love the gym I go to now, however, it just wont be very convenient as I needed something that was open 24hours. The new gym is pretty small, but it will get the job done! :)

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My partner and I have been so busy this week with different social events, he started his new job and I’ve been having a lot of job interviews. 

Which meant we weren’t at home most nights… Which meant I didn’t get to cook our meals.

So our clean eating and working out went out the window and I am definitely feeling the effects! I woke up and could hardly drag myself out of bed I was so lethargic! I’m feeling a little fluffier around the mid section too. Today we mad a pact not to eat bad food anymore and to start working on our health again.

So after this interview I have today, I’m going to the gym and heading to the grocery store to pick up our fresh veggies and things life normal!

Oh and in front of all the people of tumblr! I’m giving up coffee! It’s not good for me!

Friday, 21 February 2014

I finally made it to 100kg on the leg press! I’m so happy!

Smashing goals!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Today I’ve been ridiculously tired… I was getting ready for the gym, dragging my feet and just not really feeling it when I realised I haven’t actually had a good rest day for over a week… So today is my day off. I’m going to relax, put my feet up and just have a good lazy night.

I’ve been counting my calories again, because I’m a bit of an “all or nothing” kind of girl when it comes to working out etc. I have to do everything a certain way or I just cannot stick to my goals! I’m thinking I may need to up the calories slightly though because I’m getting a bit lethargic on occasion! I just want to work on losing what I gained over Christmas and New Years! Oopsies!

I’m also loving My Kitchen Rules at the moment, so I’ve been trying out healthier versions of some of the recipes or putting my own spin on things! It’s been great!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Recently I’ve been hitting the gym way more often and it’s working a treat! I feel so much healthier and happier. Today I did my arms, yesterday was legs. Which means my legs are killing me today, but I love it!

My love and I went on a cute little date the other day and I was forced to face my fear of heights when we climbed up and over some huge rocks and back down again to make it to the oceans edge. I’m glad I did it. Even if I did have to hold his hand most of the way.

It’ll be my birthday in a few weeks. I’ll be 24. What am I doing with my life?! I actually had to think about how old I was turning the other day when I was asked! All the 20-somethings blur together after 21.

Saturday, 1 February 2014
So I did it! I went brunette! :)

So I did it! I went brunette! :)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I recently purchased the new Lorna Jane active diary and I have to say, it’s pretty amazing at keeping you positive and on track.

So I’ve been looking for full time work for a while now and I’ve been getting rejected a whole lot. It’s a but disheartening considering I’m going for reception jobs which I already have 4 years experience in. But I’ve had a recruitment agency give me a call and say they may have another job offer for me, so heres hoping I get another interview soon!

Last week Craig brought me my first pair of ice hockey skates! I’ve always been able to move on the ice alright due to being a pretty hardcore 90’s kid with rollerblades, but he’s been teaching me the proper way that ice hockey players skate and my gosh does it hurt your legs in the best way! It’s a completely different type of fitness and it’s really enjoyable. I’m hoping to get better so I can join one of the hockey teams myself! Should be awesome!

So like I said, due to the Lorna Jane diary I’ve actually been pretty good with my eating and working out and now that I have skates all I want to do it get on the ice every day!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Urghh! Today I feel bloated and horrible (being a girl sucks)! Instead of doing a workout, I’m sitting at home with a smoothie and some veggie chips watching TV. A good night if you ask me. All I need now is for Craig to get home from ice hockey practice and come hug me! 

Yesterday I did a pretty intense weight session and now I’m sore all over, but it feels really good. Tomorrow I’ll be taking our husky for a run and heading to the gym with my bestie for Pump class.

Speaking of my bestie, she got engaged on Christmas day! Which means I’m now a maid of honour for the first time in my life. We’re going to go wedding dress shopping on Saturday, I can’t wait! :)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Today my body aches like crazy from doing weights I haven’t done in a long time. It feels so good though and it makes me want to push harder, however, I was busy most of the day running errands that by the time I got home and cooked dinner I was pretty tired and my body was just not keen to be pushed. So instead of lacing up my sneakers and taking a run, I lit some candles, washed my hair, made a cup of tea and grabbed my laptop. Now I plan to spend the night looking at pictures of amazing brunettes to get some hairspiration. This blonde is getting bored of her hair!

So don’t forget to listen to your body! If it’s telling you to relax, do it! It’s important too!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

So I kind of lost my drive to be on tumblr for a while after finding out my nan had breast cancer (again), but she’s had her surgery and she’s doing ok at the moment. I know that under going the genetic tests to find out whether I have a higher than average chance of getting breast cancer myself is going to be really hard, but instead of dwelling on that stuff I’ve decided to work harder on keeping myself fit and healthy.

We have a lot of catching up to do, so here it goes. Over Christmas I ate a tone of food and not good food either, greasy, sugary delicious food! I had a blast and I don’t regret it one bit! However, It’s definitely time to get back into the swing of things and get back on the clean eating train because although I had an amazing time, I can certainly see it wasn’t good for me! 

My partner and I have been doing plyometrics together (he’s an ice hockey player so he does a lot of this) and it’s been killing me! I finally got back to the gym today to lift weights and I’ve been running/walking our adorable husky each day. 

I no longer count calories! It was driving me insane. I found myself not eating certain foods, even healthy foods, because I was so scared of going over my calorie limit. Instead, I’m going to focus on eating clean, nutritious foods that will benefit my body and watching my portion sizes. So far so good and I’ve never felt more mentally stable about my eating! 

I don’t really have a lot of “resolutions” for the new year, but I do have plans for the rest of my life and staying fit and healthy is definitely one of them!

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